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Any Reservation that is made for any Villa located in W Villas Halkidiki Complexes through any channel, OTA -including but not limited to,,, or else, via Travel Agent, Tour Operator, External Associates, or by Individuals, Groups or Group Representatives and by any other possible way, is Lease and the Tenant understands and recognizes that W Villas Halkidiki does not operate as a Hotel or Resort. 

Every Reservation- Rental is accepted under the condition that the Tenant will sign a Rental Agreement upon Arrival, which is a legal requirement set by the Greek Law. The provisions of the Rental Agreement can be found below and any Tenant who wishes to make any changes to the Rental Agreement shall inform W Villas Halkidiki in writing.


Rental Agreement Terms:

Check-in time: 16:00 
Check-out time: 10:00


Reservation & Payment Policy: Any outstanding Balance for the Reservation shall be Paid Upon Arrival the latest.

Special Offer Rate:


No free cancellation is allowed for this rate, special conditions apply.

Up to 21 days before the arrival, a fee of 50% of the total reservation cost is applied

20 days or less before the arrival, no-show or early departure, a fee of 100% of total reservation cost is applied

No show or early departure = 100% charge of the stay

Flexible Rate:

Fee cancellation 21 or more days before arrival, with no penalty

20-14 days before the arrival, a fee of 50% of the total reservation cost is applied

13 days or less before the arrival, no-show or early departure, a fee of 100% of the total amount is applied



Use of the Property: The Tenant will use the Property as a personal residence for him and his family and friends, who cannot exceed the number of the pre-agreed persons, including himself at all times. The Tenant shall inform the Landlord well in advance for the Arrival of extra guests and no later than 3 days prior to their arrival. Any additional night is being charged with 50 euro per adult and 25 euro per child under 16 years old. There is no extra charge for infants under 3 years old. In any case, the maximum number of extra guests allowed in the Villa is 2 (two). In the unfortunate event that the Tenant fraudulently conceals any extra guests to the Landlord, the Landlord is entitled to deduct the above charges from the security deposit and he has the right to terminate this agreement. The Villa strictly cannot be sub-rented to any third party and by any means.


Good use of the Property: The Tenant is obliged to make good use of the property and comply with the guidelines and house rules given to him in writing or orally, on the Check-in Date and throughout his stay. 


Specifically: The Tenant is obliged to make good use of the Property, to maintain the property clean and decent, to show a good behavior towards the Landlord and other Tenants and to inform the Landlord about any dangers or damages of the property on time. The Tenant shall not remove objects and house equipment and use them in an inappropriate way which can cause them damage or impairment of any kind. The Tenant shall not enter any private areas of other Villas without permission or invitation of the Landlord or the other Tenants. Any time the Tenant makes use of the common amenities or equipment, he shall return them in their original condition, so that others may use them after him. It is strictly forbidden any interference with the Pool Apparatus, Machine and Technical Equipment. 


By signing this the Tenant agrees that he is obliged to compensate the Landlord adequately for any damage that he or anyone else invited by him during the leasing period, is provoked to the Property or the Equipment of the Property (interior and exterior) or to the surrounding area including the garden, beach amenities to which the Tenant has access, intentionally, due to misuse or bad conduct and by negligence. The compensation will be paid by the Tenant directly to the Landlord. 


Disclaimer: This reservation is accepted on the basis that the Landlord cannot be held liable in any way and under no circumstances whatsoever for any risks that the Tenant or Tenants may be involved with, including but not limited to: loss or damage to property and any kind of personal items, robbery or any kind of injury, inside or outside the apartment or inside all the respective areas, Amenities, Garden, Pool/Pools and Buildings of the complex. The Landlord cannot be held liable under any circumstances whatsoever for any activity of any kind that the Tenant is carrying out or participating in inside or near the Villa or while using the Villa’s Facilities or Equipment and especially any activity in connection with the Central Garden Pool or the Private Pools and the Beach Area, which the Tenants are renting and using as a part of the Villa. It is the responsibility of the Tenant to insure himself, his family and all the persons who join him and their belongings adequately. The Tenant explicitly understands and agrees that it is his sole responsibility to monitor his/her children and their activity at all times in all Areas.

The Landlord will not be held liable and is not obliged to pay any kind of refund or any kind of compensation whatsoever for any damage, loss or suffering caused directly or indirectly, by Force Majeure, including but not limited to natural disasters, work stoppages, war, strikes, Act of Nature, etc.

Behavior & Damages:

By making a Reservation with us you become also responsible for the correct and decent behavior of your party. You are responsible for any loss or damage that you or members of your party may cause to the property or its contents. You are required to report any damages to Landlord personnel and to bear the cost of repair or replacement. Should you or any member of your party behave with no respect towards the property, its contents, the personnel/associates or the other Tenants, the property owner or key-holder has the right to ask all guests to vacate the property immediately, with 100% penalty of the holiday rental costs paid to them. Upon Arrival, the Tenant shall give a refundable damage deposit of 500 Euro. The Refundable Damage Deposit, can be paid in Cash or via Bank Transfer, and it is refunded back to the Tenant on his Check-out Date, after inspection of the Villa (Cash Deposits upon Checkout and Bank Deposits within 7 working days from the Check-out Date).

This deposit will be refunded to the Tenant on his checkout day after the inspection of the Villa and if no damage has occurred. In the event of a damage, the cost of the replacement will be deducted from the damage deposit. In case, and only if the Tenant declares so, we can accept a valid Credit Card as a guarantee for the damages. In the case that the Tenant wants to give his credit card as a Damage Deposit Guarantee, he specifically agrees and he is solely responsible to provide his credit card information correctly and he declares that he specifically consents to share this information with the Landlord. Please note that any card information are kept strictly confidential and are automatically and immediately destroyed and erased on the Checkout Day, after inspection of the Villa. In the event that a damage has occurred but the Credit Card is invalid or has no debit, the Tenant agrees to pay for the damage directly to the Landlord.


Early Termination- Early Check-out: In the case, the Tenant declares, orally or in writing/ e-mail, that he is leaving the property, earlier to the Check-out Date, then this Agreement is considered to be terminated on that day and the Landlord has the right to Lease the Property right away. Tenant is considered to have Checked-Out in the case that, without any prior communication with the Landlord, he has left the Property with taking all his belongings and cars and has left the Property keys on the door or has given them to any member of the personnel and he has returned to the country of this permanent residence or he has left Greece.


In case the Tenant does not comply with this Agreement or with the guidelines and house rules given to him in writing or orally, on the Check-in Date and throughout his stay, the Landlord has the right to terminate this Agreement. The rental amount will not be refunded.


Any dispute that might arise out or in connection with this agreement including any question regarding its existence, validity or termination, shall be resolved by the Greek courts. The applicable Law shall be Greek Law.

Important: For security reason and fraud prevention, you must be able to present for validation the credit card provided for deposit payment, along with a photo ID

European economic area credit cards are subject to a 1,5 % processing fee.

Non-european economic area credit cards and business credit cards are subject to a 2,8% processing fee. 



By signing this, the Tenant understands and recognizes that this is a Lease without the provision of any kind of additional services.


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