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Welcome to W Villas Renting Terms & Conditions

Check-in Time: 16:00.
Check-out Time: 10:00.

Good Use of the Property:

Cancellation Policy:

Flexible Rate:


Flexible Rate allows booking modifications or cancellation without charges up to 1 or more days before arrival, with no penalty

20-14 days before the arrival, a fee of 50% of the total reservation cost is applied

13 days or less before the arrival, no-show or early departure, a fee of 100% of the total amount is applied

Special Offer:

No free cancellation is allowed for this rate, special conditions apply.

Up to 21 days before the arrival, a fee of 50% of the total reservation cost is applied

20 days or less before the arrival, no-show or early departure, a fee of 100% of the total amount is applied

- to comply with the guidelines and property rules provided in writing or orally, make good
use of the property, maintain it clean and decent.
-upon check-out the Guests shall leave the house and kitchen in a good condition and
shall not leave trash, food, full plates etc., which is a subject of 250 euro Cleaning Fee. If the Villa is in a very bad condition the penalty is 500 euro.
-to show a good behavior towards the Landlord and other Guests and respect the Quiet
15:00-17:00 pm; 23:00-07:00 am.
-to notify the property staff about any dangers or damages of the property on time.
-not to remove house equipment or use it inappropriately, or in a way can that cause
impairment of any kind. The Guest shall compensate the Landlord accordingly, before
check-out, for any damage provoked to the property, surroundings or common amenities
from bad use.
-any interference with the Pool Apparatus, Machinery and Technical Equipment is strictly
forbidden for safety & security reasons.
-not to leave the magnetic cards active in the property when the Guest is absent, for
safety & security reasons.
-not to throw anything in the toilet, as serious damage is caused to the sewer system.
Electricity, Water, Internet:
There are severe problems of drought in Halkidiki and water should be used wisely. In case
of water shortage, we will try to reestablish its supply the soonest possible, within our
powers. Electricity can also be disrupted, normally for a short period of time. However, we cannot be held
responsible for any inconvenience created by events beyond our control. Internet service is
provided at our property, but we cannot guarantee we will be able to re-establish the
connection in case of a technical problem beyond our control, such as a faulty line from the
local telephone company. The Tenant should travel with at least one mobile phone with open
roaming service.
We are a dog-friendly property, but pets are not allowed on the furniture or in the pool for the
health and safety of others. Please keep in mind that a minimum cleaning fee of 250 euro is

charged in case of not following these instructions. Please use a leash while in common
areas and use poop bags.
Indoor smoking is strictly prohibited in all our properties. In case of not compliance, a
minimum fee of 500 euro is applicable for cleaning the environment and/or replacing any
content damaged.
Valuables, Disclaimer:
This reservation is accepted on the basis that neither the Landlord nor the property staff can
be held liable in any way and under no circumstances whatsoever for:
-loss, damage, misplacement or robbery of valuables or personal items. Valuables left
anywhere at the property are at the Guests’ risks.
-for any risks or activity that the Guest/s may be involved with during the stay or/and while
using the property facilities or equipment, and especially for any activity in connection with
the Swimming Pool, which the Tenant is renting and using as a part of the Property.
-for any kind of injury,
The Landlord shall not be held liable nor shall be responsible for any kind of refund or
compensation whatsoever for any damage, loss or suffering caused directly or indirectly, by
Force Majeure, including but not limited to natural disasters, work stoppages, war, strikes,
illness, including an illness from Covid-19.
It is the sole responsibility of the Tenant-Guest/s to get proper travel/ health insurance for
themselves, for their families and for their belongings.
Termination, Early Departure:
-An early departure is a check-out and terminates this Agreement immediately.
-In case the Tenant-Guest/s do not comply with this Agreement or with the property rules,
the Landlord has the right to terminate this Agreement immediately and no refund is
applicable. -Any dispute that might arise out or in connection with this agreement, shall be
resolved by the Greek courts. The applicable Law is the Greek Law.
-By signing this, the Tenant understands and recognizes that this is a Lease without the
provision of any kind of additional services.

Important: For security reason and fraud prevention, you must be able to present for validation the credit card provided for deposit payment, along with a photo ID

European economic area credit cards are subject to a 1,5 % processing fee.

Non-european economic area credit cards and business credit cards are subject to a 2,8% processing fee. 


Thank you in advance for property's proper use.

Enjoy your stay,

Best Wishes,

 The LANDLORD                                                                  

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