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W Villas operate during Spring, Summer and Autumn Seasons, from April until October.

Abundant light, calm seas and warm weather can be found in Halkidiki throughout this period.

Swimming in the sea is always a good idea as Halkidiki is famous for its warm waters, due to its protected and shallow gulfs and because the Mediterranean Sea has a higher temperature than the other seas of the same latitude.

High season  runs from late June until early September and August is the busiest - Peak Season and arguably, the most expensive month.

Traveling with Kids: W Villas is a family oriented resort with most of our Guests being families with young children, enjoying the privacy and the lush gardens and shallow waters. The best time for a family vacation is late May to the middle of July and September as the sea water is very warm and traffic around the area is at very good levels.

Best Time for Couples or Honeymooners: June and September.

Best Time for Saving Money: April, May, and  October reduced prices and great value-for-money offers are widely available.

Our Favorite Period: September- Middle of October. The sea is warm, nature is at its bests, no much traffic around, ideal temperature for swimming, for wellness and sightseeing, nice smells around, excellent weather and good vibes all around.


During the summer, the weather is much stable with plenty of sunshine and light until 20:00-21:00 and temperatures between 25-34 degrees of Celcius. It rarely rains and when it does the rains are rapid and short lasting- we call them ''Mpora'' (summer short lasting rain). 

The High & Peak Seasons usually bring the peak heat -around 35-37 degrees of Celcius, and the are the hottest periods of the year.


Generally, heat is tempered by the dryness of the air, particularly in eastern Greece, which is considered to have one of the most favored climatic regions of Europe. In coastal areas, where Halkidiki is located, the heat is always more tolerable, mostly because of the nice summer sea breezes. 

When wind is blowing a bit more, the ''Meltemia'' come (north winds), which is a nice refreshing touch that clears the atmosphere so much that you can enjoy with your naked eye amazing long views from the Aegean, miles away.

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